We buy more then Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos and Video games.

To sell us anything the first step you need to to do is accurately describe your item or items and if possible take pictures.  Then you can send the description and pictures to popfuzz@popfuzz.com.  Also if you have predetermined a price you want to sell your items for please include that as well.

Old Books
Just because a book is old does not mean it has value, there are a lot of books before 1970 that have little or no value. 
Here is a list of books that we are interested in.
Old Children's and Pop Up books that are nicely illustrated. 
Big Little books. 
Nicely illustrated books from before 1900
Any book that in general looks interesting or is on an interesting subject.

Comic Books
Most modern comics do not have much value so unless you want to sell them for $0.10 to $0.20 each you probably do not want to get a quote from us.  If you have older comics that are from before 1970 and they are in pretty good shape then we are interested.

Toys, Action Figures, Character Collectibles
We are interested in everything that is collectible.  From old cereal premiums to modern action figures.

In general we do not buy magazines, but there are a few that we are interested in.
The Types of magazines we are interested in are are magazines on toys and collecting, Horror and movie magazines (But not mass circulation magazines like entertainment weekly) Older fashion and pop culture magazines.
Some specific magazines we are looking for:
Playtimes (Designer Toy Magazine) $3-$5 each
Juxtapoz $1 Each
Cinefex $1-$5 each
Tomart's Action Figure Digest $0.25-$2 each

Super7 (Designer Toy Magazine) $1-$3 each

Other Collectibles
We will buy anything that is collectible from Coins to Designer Vinyl ToysIf you have something to sell let us know and we will make an offer. 

If you have any further questions please e-mail us at popfuzz@popfuzz.com

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