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We Will Buy Your Books, CDs, Blu-Ray, DVDs, Videos & Video Games!

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  • Books must be in great shape. We do not buy books that have missing pages, or that are damaged or heavily creased.
  • CDs Cannot be scratched.
  • CDs must be complete with art work and artwork must be in good shape.
  • CDs with a hole punch or cut in the case or artwork are acceptable.
  • Jewel cases can be damaged as long as the disc and artwork are still in good shape.
  • We do not buy CDs that are marked promotional in any way.
Video Tapes:
  • Video tapes must be in good shape and still play well.
  • The box can have some light wear, but cannot by missing or be heavily soiled or damaged.
Video Games & DVDs:
  • Games & DVDs can have light scratching but must still play.
  • Games & DVDs must have their original box or artwork. The artwork must be in good shape. (A Hole punch or cut in the barcode or case is acceptable)
  • We do not buy bootlegs, or cheap Asian imports. The Item must match the UPC code.
  • We do not buy screeners or items that are marked promotional.
Shipping your Sell Order:
  • A shipping credit of 10% will be added to your payment.
  • We recommend that you ship your sell order via insured Media Mail.
Additional Info:
  • We do not buy stolen goods.
  • If the dvd you have does not come up please contact us and we will add it to the site.
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